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Choo-Choo Charles Redeem Code

Choo-Choo Charles Review

Last year, Choo-Choo Charles, a new horror title, went viral on the internet thanks to an excellent trailer, which teased the cat-and-mouse-like gameplay featuring a wicked spider-legged train. A strange meme turned survival horror game with an engaging elevator pitch, Choo-Choo Charles has you being chased by a half-spider, half-train monster.

Just like how trains can be drawn to stations with promises of fresh passengers (which are sort of train treats), we were drawn irrevocably into Choo-Choo Charles, a hodgepodge of jokes about a terrifying train chasing you. Choo-Choo Charles takes place on Aranearum — a grim, grimy island you cross using your very rotten train engine, looking for ways to end an abomination named Charles (and get it in your weirdo museums at home). To murder Charles, you will need to travel across the island, taking quests from NPCs to upgrade your weapons and boost the performance of your train, until you meet up with the aging Choo-Choo himself in the final confrontation.

As indicated by the trailer, the primary circuit here is running your locomotive across the scary-looking island, collecting scraps you can use to upgrade your train, and hunting for the three eggs that will set off a grand final battle with Charles. One of the major missions has you setting dynamite down on a precarious bridge, which you need to bait Charles into fighting in the end-game. There are main quests and side missions scattered throughout, and the main quest tasks you with finding three eggs and setting up a trap in order to lure Charles in and kill him.

These quests will provide you the means to halt an evil train named Charles throughout the map, like a bridge you have attached explosives to, so there is a bonus opportunity for a little extra damage if you guide it towards that during the final battle. Like an evil train named Charles, his cult of followers are unrelenting in their pursuit, so if you want to kill them, you are going to have to guide them all back towards your own locomotive. Your job is to gather three eggs, lay them at the alter, and hopefully, lure a blood-hungry train named Charles away just long enough to engage in a deadly battle to the death.

All are vital for sporadic encounters that you may encounter with a demonic train, which eventually leads up to the final confrontation between you and Charles. Choo-Choo Charles is a short, sweet survival horror experience in which you drive an ancient diesel engine while shooting an arachnid-like demonic train, which looks like a warped Thomas the Train Engine. As you make your way through the super-over-the-top story of Choo-Choo Charles, you will occasionally hear the sinister whistle of a train and realize that you are steamrolling toward an imminent confrontation, but any hopes of excitement are dashed because this is the same encounter each and every time.

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