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Hello Neighbor 2 Redeem Code

Hello Neighbor 2 Review

The game plays like a detective reporter simulator: you are creeping around, uncovering the secrets of your neighbors. Hello Neighbour 2 might have lots of hidden lore and plot elements, but it mostly does not feel like you are investigating anything. Because the AIs you are challenging do not have much in the way of backlash to players, Hello Neighbour 2, unfortunately, feels like a domestic intrusion simulator more than anything frightening and even cryptic.

Ultimately, although Hello Neighbor 2 does a pretty decent job at providing solutions to its puzzles within its best-level designs, it’s lighting, art, and objectives all feel like a chore to solve rather than a pleasure. Solving puzzles was very enjoyable, though, and kept me interested in Hello Neighbor 2 after its artificially intelligent neighbors wore off. Unfortunately, we never found ourselves truly enjoying the original Hello Neighbor, even though it was such an improvement, particularly in terms of puzzle design.

Hello Neighbor 2 is significantly larger than the first game, and expanding AI tech into more characters was a welcome decision. It is essentially a point-and-click adventure from the first-person perspective, where you work through puzzles that are naturally integrated into the setting (such as piecing together pieces of a photo that you have found around your home).

One of the selling points of the game is the residents having advanced artificial intelligence, which allows them to learn your patterns of behavior. The residents are not actually dangerous to you in any way, and if they do get you, they just throw you onto the road, so the game feels like a really low-stakes cat-and-mouse.

A neighbour coming at you and getting you as you try and complete the puzzle basically feels accidental. Honestly, the best moments are when an AI neighbor gets stuck on a never-ending loop of closing and opening a single door, leaving you to enjoy your surroundings and solving the puzzles on your own. Based on the game’s description, we played day 1 as a stealth horror game, and was overwhelmingly disappointed by the way AI-controlled neighbors behaved.

We honestly feel like if TinyBuild and Eerie Guest developers had focused on making puzzle games that did not rely on AI-controlled Neighbors, they would have had much more successful games. In fact, outside of new characters, the sequel almost feels like it is just a spin-off from the first game, with similarities like puzzles themselves and a lack of gameplay innovation. While some of the initial issues remain, like a paper-thin storyline or bugs and glitches that interrupt immersion, Hello Neighbors 2 is still a worthwhile title to check out for anyone who enjoys puzzles set around environments or enjoyed the original.

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