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Like a Dragon Ishin Redeem Code

Like a Dragon Ishin Review

Thanks to the fact that it starts off small and focuses, as well as offering a glossary of terms to refer to, the period drama spinoff works as a simple jumping-off point into a series, since it is an entirely self-contained, stand-alone story. If you have played Yakuza games before, then Ishin is like wearing a warm, comfortable, (if somewhat stretched) jumper, or maybe a yukata. Ishin feels most similar to Yakuza 0 (my personal favorite), which will surely satisfy longtime fans, while the stand-alone nature of Ishin means that it is, hands down, one of the strongest entry points for newcomers.

Ishin provides some of Yakuzas best examples to date when it comes to complementing its murder-mystery melodrama with stories that are grounded in Japans 1800s. What you come to the Yakuza franchise really for is the drama, and the turbulent times in its story era are fertile grounds for its historical narrative.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishins interpretation of the end of the Edo Period is a transporting experience, exploring a moment in history not often accessible to Western audiences. As loose historical fiction, Yakuza 0s skillfully combines fictional flourishes with real-life individuals such as Ryoma. It does this by clearly dramatizing events, weaving together and conjecturing characters the way historical fiction does, and using characters from Like A Dragon (nee Yakuza) as stand-ins for figures from Edo.

Add in all those typical series side activities, as well as a few lovely references to games gone by, and you have got the makings of a fan favorite. The facial close-ups, in which you get to see every tiny facial expression, and elegantly choreographed duels sell you on the emotions established within every frame, making a compelling character drama seem as earnest as Yakuza games before it have always done. These scenes are explicitly designed to mimic big, dramatic encounters between crime bosses from contemporary Yakuza games, when more serious political conflicts play out, leading to some fantastic parallels drawing the lines between the Ishin Secret Police and organized-crime groups from other games in the series.

We are not sure that the running romance storyline works for me very well, but the majority of aspects of the core story itself kept me engaged with The Truth along with its core series stars.

My fondness for Just Series Stalwarts helped me buy its main character Sakamoto Ryoma almost immediately, and while the story beats for Ishin are similar to what is been featured in several other Yakuza games, setting his metaphorical (and literal) backstabbing in a prospective Japanese Civil War made the stakes seem higher than they would around the usual turf war. Series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu has always been fiercely independent from institutions, so watching him turn literal police officer in Edo-era Japan was somewhat off-putting.

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