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New Tales from the Borderlands Redeem Code

New Tales from the Borderlands Review

The new Tales from the Borderlands was handled by Borderlands developer Gearbox themselves after the departure of Telltale Games, but its quality in characters and humor is pretty consistent. While New Tales from the Borderlands is focused around a mostly new cast of characters, a few former developers at Telltale Games that worked on the original came aboard to help flesh out the sequel. Much like its predecessor, Telltale Games Tales From the Borderlands, New Tales from the Borderlands centers around an ensemble cast of everyday folks rather than the super-hero-like Vault Hunters from the main series.

While New Tales from the Borderlands gets many things right, its attempts to flesh out the Telltale Games formula — not to mention its running time — drags down what is otherwise an entertaining jaunt through a new planet featuring a fresh cast of antiheroes. That does not still prevent New Tales from the Borderlands from being a spectacular adventure game on its own, though, filled with a satisfying family-centric story, plenty of excellent bits of comedy, deep explorations into various parts of the Borderlands universe, and, of course, that pure joy that is L0U13.

Considering that New Tales from the Borderlands wants to call itself New Tales From the Borderlands, Telltale Games has decided to directly compare its own title with the original, so we felt that it was most justifiably so by rating it in light of the original. With an entertaining script, strong characters and performances, and a different game engine allowing for a smoother cinematic presentation, we would recommend New Tales from the Borderlands for fans of the originals as well as for anyone looking for a very traditional Telltale Games experience.

With New Tales from the Borderlands, Gearbox is obviously trying to make this new adventure feel like a fresh new twist, but it also stays true to not only the style and humor of the series, but also to the setting of the original. This entry is not a game that leans heavily on the gameplay, but the visuals, the storytelling, and how well-developed character personalities are all kept me engaged and wondering.

The 2014 episodic original enthralled me with excellent writing, sharp humor, and likable protagonists in Fiona and Rhys. The three protagonists are all very much in touch with the original, but they are also fun and likable in their own unique ways.

The story is not terrible, but the plot leaves something to be desired when compared to the original games. While the story really has an excellent base, with some excellent high points, it is problems with pacing, a lack of focus and uneven character development that weigh on the experience.

Somehow, this is the perfect pairing, infusing the world of the borderlands with authenticity, yet maintaining Borderlands signature comedy and violence.

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