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The Diofield Chronicle Redeem Code

The Diofield Chronicle Review

DioField Chronicle is a new IP by developer Lancarse and publisher Square Enix, mixing a political warfare narrative with real-time strategy battles. With The DioField Chronicle, players will see elements from the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre, while still having RPG staples players expect from Square Enix. The game brought something new to the world of strategic role-playing games, by introducing something they called the real-time tactics battle, a system of combat that borrows elements of RTS games and integrates them into the tactical JRPG, often turning elements of RTS games on their head.

DioField Chronicle does not feel like a one-off affair for Square Enix; everything from its story about a political war to its characters shouts out the setting of a potential sequel. Essentially an extended set of tactical battles, The DioField Chronicles design falls into a first-act routine that is unwilling to veer away, and its fantasy world mimics Game of Thrones war-room politics, focusing on moving the pieces around at the cost of credible character development. It is easy to draw parallels between the dioField Chronicles sprawling tales of warfare, magic, and shadowy politics and the likes of Game of Thrones or Fire Emblem.

What is disappointing is how little time The DioField Chronicle spends outside of its satisfyingly sparse mesh of systems and its interesting, dynamic battle tactics, and how little life it has once you are following along with the plot and characters rigid interactions.

The overarching story still motivated us to keep going, and as a whole The DioField Chronicle is an enjoyable game that can be played easily in short bursts, or it will eat up plenty of your time if you really want to push through. Some characters had compelling reasons for being frustrated with what a group of mercenaries had become.Fans of role-playing games are sure to enjoy the games combat systems and multiple ways to build characters and approach combat, particularly at harder difficulties.

While some SRPGS can certainly drag their feet when it comes to combat length, the battles in DioField Chronicle are quick and exciting thanks to the ability to accelerate units movements during combat. Battles are optimized, yet quite risky, keeping them both intense and manageable the PC version supports mice and keyboards, which would probably be a faster, more natural way to play DioField Chronicle). The variety of enemies and varied encounter designs, which can see you frantically guarding a castle door or taking on a boss battle across multiple stages, keeps any two missions from feeling overly similar.

So we are concluding the whole blog on the diofield chronicle redeem code. If you got any doubt or questions feel free to write to us.

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